HBRA of Central CT Parade of Homes

HBRA Member Resources Guide

Better Estimating Leads to Better Profits

Good estimating is good business. But remodelers may be leaving profits on the table because they are underbidding projects due to poor estimating. Make sure you’re paid appropriately: download this Defensive Estimating presentation and share it with your Remodelers Council or other small-group meeting to talk about how to price projects right.

Construction Liability Resources

NAHB’s legal team works with NAHB’s Construction Liability, Risk Management and Building Materials Committee to minimize construction defect and builder liability problems that may arise with construction and remodeling. NAHB attorneys monitor building product defect problems, study and recommend methods of reducing builder liability, and work cooperatively with manufacturers, insurers, product trade groups and other interested parties… Continue Reading

Affordable House Price Calculator

How much can a prospective buyer afford to pay for a home? The NAHB spreadsheets available on this page will calculate the answer. Finding the income needed to buy a home of a given price is relatively easy with standard spreadsheet functions. However, many spreadsheet programs lack a function for the reverse calculation, forcing users… Continue Reading

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